Joseph Carl WWII Photos


This site contains graphic images of combat and its aftermath. If you do not want to see them, do not click Enter.

The image descriptions when displayed in quotes were written by my grandfather Joseph Carl in the early 1940s, mostly while stationed in the South Pacific. Some of these descriptions are, by today’s standards, culturally insensitive or even racist. If you think you will be offended, do not click Enter.

Other descriptions in brackets (entirely non-offensive ones) were provided by the staff of the New York State Military Museum, where this photo album has found a permanent home. I cannot thank them enough for the work they did preserving and researching these photos. There are 76 pages of them containing approximately 300 black and white photographs.

My grandfather served with Battery B of the 105th Field Artillery, part of the 27th Infantry Division, and saw considerable action on Makin Island and Saipan during 1943-44. These are his photos.