How To Help Refugees in Ukraine

Last month a friend of mine mentioned on her Facebook page that she was taking donations from people because she was helping get supplies to refugees in Ukraine — she was working with some people she knew by driving this stuff to Poland, where they’d be handing it off to folks doing the riskier trip deep into Ukraine, where actual fighting was going on, to deliver this stuff to the refugees who desperately needed it.

I applaud my friend — unnamed because I’m not sure how public she wants to be about it — for doing this, and decided that I will share the name of the organization that, well, organized this, in case anyone else would like to contribute to this ongoing effort.  It is called “Aidforall” and is an established charity operated out of Switzerland.  Here’s their Ukraine page:

This charity may be unique, and is certainly unusual, in that 100% of money donated will go to buy supplies.  The delivery of the goods is done by volunteers, who cover all their own expenses.