MISER Text Adventure

This game was first released as MISER for the Commodore PET in 1981.  Considering the strict constraints of the early 8-bit machines — the original version only required 16K of memory to run — it was remarkable for its complexity.  It was also written in a now-archaic version of BASIC developed for Commodore by Microsoft in 1977.

I decided re-implementing it in object-oriented PHP would be a fun task to tackle in my spare time, and completed it in just a few days, along with some enhancements and embellishments.

To access the game, point an ssh client here:

If you don't have an ssh client, you can try this one here (link redirects to another site for which we are not responsible):  http://www.serfish.com/console/

The video below contains a walkthrough. Warning: SPOILERS!